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This is what the work at K&P looks like

You would like to know what the work at K&P looks like and which change management projects we carry out and support? Then you've come to the right place. This is what we can tell you right from the start:
At Dr. Kraus & Partnerwe take a holistic look at the entire change situation and focus on the people involved.

Keep reading to find out what else Dr. Kraus & Partner is all about... Jetzt bewerben!

Daily work routine

Daily work routine

Self-responsibility and flexibility are essential elements for us. Your office will be well equipped: Your laptop, your cell phone and you. This means that you available when needed. When it comes to client projects, we set up our office on-site. A team room on the client's premises is always the best place to crack tough nuts. On other days, your office may be at your home, on a train, in a hotel, café, co-working space or restaurant. We demand and promote flexible working environments. But we also know that this isn´t everyone's cup of tea. But this is who we are. Always on the road developing competitive advantages for our clients.

We trust you when it comes to hours worked. This means we look at the results and not at the time spent. Working hours vary from customer project to customer project. The "ramp-up" phase at the beginning is often very labor-intensive, so that the end of the workday is often pushed back. Then there are days when the evening program starts before the daily news airs. It really is short and sweet: Yes, as change consultants, we enjoy working. There are always days that include overtime and weekends full of work. And it is up to each and every one of us to decide how full his or her calendar should be and where he or she can create space for him or herself.
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Do you enjoy swimming? Great! Because with us, you´ll be jumping into cold water or shaking off your old habits frequently."

For this you will need flexibility and courage. We are committed to external and internal projects with teams that are constantly being merged. Colleagues with the greatest competence and interest in a certain topic get to work together. In our opinion, this is the best basis for project success.

Our understanding of our role as consultants

Our understanding of our role as consultants

Are you familiar with the iceberg model?

We are constantly amazed at how often decisions in organizations are rationalized. Our 25 years of experience as change consultants help us identify where the limits of purely rational approaches lie. This requires intuition, an alert instinct, and the infamous gut feeling. If we want to be consistently involved in the implementation of change, we need to immerse ourselves in the areas below the surface. Only those who start here are able to achieve long-term results.

Now you're probably thinking, "But rational procedures are great." And of course, we agree with you. We work on the surface of the iceberg with our proven, as well as our newly developed, tools and methods of change management. We work in a structured and prepared manner, always thinking two steps ahead so as not to overlook the "Titanic".
But from our understanding, this is only a half-truth: In addition to the rational, we also value intuition. 

We are different!

We're part of the good guys! We think and act independently of trends and consultancy hypes. We always develop our strategies with a full awareness of the entire system. We are curious about what happens on a deeper level. We want to know which currents cause the ripples on the surface and how we can bring light into dark areas. Our secret weapon: Asking questions. We ask questions that go beyond and accentuate the core of the problem.
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Our change consultants develop solutions on all three levels of change: strategic, cultural and structural."

The digitization of knowledge and the ability to Google just about everything indicate that pure process consulting is coming to an end. The needs of our clients have changed. They often already possess easily accessible knowledge, procedures and checklists. And in many cases, we are not the first set of consultants that the organization has worked with on projects.

Our added value is the precise application of methods and knowledge. We are convinced that successful consulting requires clear consulting impulses and coaching elements in addition to full support of the process. In this world, we see ourselves as change consultants, coaches, trainers, moderators and mediators.

The spirit of K&P

The spirit of K&P

What we repeatedly hear from clients:
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It's different with you guys. It's obvious that you really enjoy this. When something sparks, the desire to get started is immense!"

We have been thinking long and hard about what exactly our clients are reflecting back on us. And we realize that it is not easy to write down this "difference" in a comprehensible way. When we look at our consultants and reflect on our client projects, we can find a common thread:
  • Authenticity: What unites us as consultants is the passion to want to understand systems and to set the right impulses in the right place. It is obvious that we, as a change consultants, understand the systemic perspective as a world view. We act on a human level in order to penetrate economic and complex situations and to emphasize the right features. In doing so, we get to know our clients as people - beyond the numbers-data-factors.
  • Engagement: Or call it "drive", "spin", "power"... We are intrinsically driven and show full commitment when it comes to solving problems. We enjoy changing, disrupting and thinking. This is noticeable at the client's premises, during internal processes, as well as at client events.
  • Expert knowledge and process support: We bring with us many tools and methods: Method maps, templates, procedures, etc... But that alone is not enough. We are practically oriented and know how to apply these methods in the right places. We are true to the motto: "Knowledge is good! But doing is better!" We create facts and breathe life into checklists, procedures and project plans.
  • Fun: We truly have fun during our projects when we can work together to solve problems. We act out things and crack even the toughest nuts. In doing so we also take some unconventional paths and use humor to reduce and penetrate the complexity of the problem. Our conviction: Only those who laugh will manage! Fun is the fuel for motivation.
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Why are you part of the "good guys"?

It is important to us to work together with our clients as true partners. We often find that we have an impact on systems, on individual people all the way through the entire organization. And sometimes this isn´t easy when there is resistance, fears and negative experiences. We pay attention to these signs and use them to find and work with the true pain points of a system.

Can I experience the "Spirit of K&P"?

Sure thing. You can either come attend one of our open seminars or one of our next events.

Where will my office be?

Your office is where you're needed. Often, this is directly at the client's premises. Or at your home. Or on the train. Or... As you can see, we are very flexible when working.

Do I really have to move to Bruchsal?

Haha. No, you don't have to do that. You can, however, if you want to... We are located all over Germany and have our back office in Bruchsal. It´s there where we will meet for internal training sessions and to play a few rounds of Foosball/Krökel.

What does a typical work week look like for you?

This varies greatly depending on the client projects and your workload. There may be projects where you are on the road 4-5 days a week. Others take 2-3 days. Typically, there is hardly anything "typical" in our profession as change consultants.

Is there a core working time?

That's an interesting question. We are set up in teams. For the client, for internal projects, for collegial consultation. That is why there is no true core working team. We are subject to the law of agreement. Often, we are on the phone during the early morning hours to coordinate and exchange ideas. How you organize your own workday depends on many factors - and your performance.

Will I be a part of international projects?

Sure, if you want to be. We have international projects with various requirements. As you will be in contact with all our customer service representatives, you can also make them aware you are interested in an international project.

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