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Diverse career opportunities for management consultants

Who we are looking for

We offer a wide range of career opportunities for unconventional thinkers with excellent analytical and emotional skills. Your goals and career aspirations are important to us. Your know-how and commitment will strengthen our foundation. Do you want to make a difference and shape something? Then you have come to the right place! Jetzt bewerben!
Diverse career opportunities for management consultants
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Personality and work ethic
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Who we are looking for

Career: Personality and work ethic

Personality and work ethic

So far, there is no right or wrong personality for us! At Dr. Kraus & Partner there is no such thing as "the consultant". We differ in our technical backgrounds, as well as our personalities.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for creative and unconventional thinkers. We are looking for great structural designers. We're looking for generalists. We are looking for specialists. We need all the above for the perfect combination of skill sets. In the VUKA world, it is more important than ever before that competences complement each other and result in 1+1 = 3.

If we take a closer look, however, there are a few skills and qualities that we all have in common.

What skills should you possess?
  • You must have a high degree of self-motivation and self-regulation.
  • You like the German railways - you like to travel and don´t consider traveling to be a waste of time.
  • You are well organized and your time management is sophisticated.
  • You are willing to reflect on yourself and ask yourself unpleasant questions when necessary.
  • Giving and receiving feedback is a matter of course for you.
  • You will also need courage - when defending your own point of view or admitting mistakes.
  • You do not sit around and wait for direction and instructions, but act self-determined and always have the task at hand in mind.
  • You know how to communicate with your clients at eye level. 

Diverse career opportunities for management consultants

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Change Management consultant (m/f)

What to expect

As a Change Management Consultant for Dr. Kraus & Partner you will initiate change - For our customers, as well as for us!

Flat hierarchies and a relaxed approach at Dr. Kraus & Partner are some of our main strengths. Here, you won´t hit the ceiling with your ideas, but instead, will able to get involved - We encourage new viewpoints!

From the very beginning, you will work as a member of one of our teams on projects for well-known companies and be able to contribute to positive changes. In a short period of time, you will gain knowledge and acquire skills that will enable you to take your career to the next step. 

What we offer

You become part of the straightforward, honest, and creative Dr. Kraus & Partner team.

Your rough edges are welcome, your performance is noticed; appreciative treatment is part of our DNA.

Take full advantage of the high degree of creative freedom and personal responsibility.

We are active in all sectors and at all levels. Grow with varied tasks and daily new challenges.

What we expect

Do you have a bachelor's or master's degree in psychology, pedagogy or economics, maybe even a doctorate? Are you familiar with the challenges of working and professional life and have at least two years of professional experience (can be unrelated to our industry), plus a very good command of English? Awesome! But that alone is not enough.

What you need for your work as a management consultant at Kraus & Partner

  • A high level of social competence. We work with PowerPoint, Word, etc., but above all we work with people - internally as well as externally.
  • A high level of competence in conflict resolution and an eagerness for shaping unstable situations
  • Curiosity, enthusiasm and a high level of commitment. If you passively wait for your daily workload - well, then you´ll will be waiting a long time with us.

Senior change management consultant at partner level, with a focus on digital transformation in the financial world

What to expect

As a change management consultant at Dr. Kraus & Partner, you accompany change - with our customers, but also with us! 
We regard Dr. Kraus & Partner's flat hierarchies and relaxed approach as one of our strengths. You won´t hit the ceilings with your ideas, but are able to get involved - we´re looking forward to it!
From the very beginning, you will work with our teams and well-known companies and contribute to positive changes. In a short time you will learn a lot and train the skills necessary for your next career step.  

What we have to offer

You become part of the Dr. Kraus & Partner team, straightforward, honest and creative.

Your rough edges and corners are welcome, your performance is valued, appreciative treatment is part of our DNA.

Take full advantage of the high degree of creative freedom and personal responsibility.

We are active in all sectors and at all levels. Grow by working on varied tasks with daily new challenges.

Follow your interests and develop your own subjects.

If you are not with a customer, you can either use our offices in Bruchsal or work from your home office.

Advancement opportunities:
You forge your own destiny - the quicker you prove yourself, the faster you will have the chance to advance or develop financially.

What we expect

Are you at home in the financial world? You know the challenges of the industry and have already successfully accompanied transformation processes?
Have you already successfully managed large consulting teams? Do you understand the problems of your customers and can develop the respective consultancy architecture? Are you able to develop and offer consulting projects on an equal footing with managing directors and board members?Do you have at least 10 years of experience in change and strategy consulting? Do you want to take responsibility for consulting budgets? Are you able to advise in English?  
Great! But that alone is not quite enough. 

For your work as a management consultant at Kraus & Partner you´ll need

  • a high level of social competence. We also work with PowerPoint, Word & Co., but above all we work with people - internally and externally.
  • a high level of competence in conflict resolution and getting enjoyment out of shaping unstable situations.
  • Curiosity, enthusiasm and a high level of commitment. If you passively wait for your daily workload - well, you´ll be waiting a long time with us. 

Senior Trainer (m/w/div) deutsch- und englisch-sprachig

Was Dich erwartet

Als Trainer bei Dr. Kraus & Partner übernimmst du Kundenanfragen zu den relevanten Themen der Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung. Ganz egal wo deine Schwerpunkte liegen, wir freuen uns über deine aussagekräftigen Unterlagen. Als Trainer hast du die Möglichkeit genau in den Projekten mitzuarbeiten die perfekt zu dir passen.

Die flachen Hierarchien und den lockeren Umgang bei Dr. Kraus & Partner sehen wir als eine unserer Stärken. Du stößt mit Deinen Ideen nicht an gläserne Decken, sondern kannst Dich voll einbringen – wir freuen uns drauf!

Was wir bieten

Du wirst Teil der Dr. Kraus & Partner Mannschaft, unkompliziert, ehrlich, kreativ.
Wertschätzung: Deine Ecken und Kanten sind uns willkommen, Deine Leistung wird gesehen, wertschätzender Umgang liegt in unserer DNA.
Nutze den hohen Gestaltungsspielraum und Eigenverantwortung auf der ganzen Linie.
Wir sind in allen Branchen und auf allen Ebenen unterwegs. Wachse an abwechslungsreichen Aufgaben mit täglich neuen Herausforderungen.
Folge deinen Interessen und baue Dir deine eigenen Themenfelder aus.
Wenn Du nicht beim Kunden bist, kannst du entweder unsere Büros in Bruchsal nutzen oder auch gerne im Home Office arbeiten.
Du bist Deines Glückes Schmied – je schneller Du Dich bewährst, desto schneller bekommst Du die Möglichkeit aufzusteigen oder Dich finanziell weiter zu entwickeln.

Was wir erwarten

Du hast einen Bachelor oder Master in Psychologie, Pädagogik oder einer wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fachrichtung, promovierst vielleicht sogar? Du bist mit den Herausforderungen des Arbeits- und Berufslebens vertraut, hast bereits als Trainer im Bereich Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung und Change gearbeitet und verfügst über sehr solide Englisch-Kenntnisse? Sehr gut!

Für Ihre Arbeit als Trainer bei Kraus & Partner benötigst Du

  • eine hohe Sozialkompetenz. Wir arbeiten zwar auch mit PowerPoint, Word & Co, aber vor allem arbeiten wir mit Menschen – intern wie extern.
  • eine hohe Konfliktklärungskompetenz und Freude am Gestalten instabiler Situationen.
  • Neugier, Begeisterungsfähigkeit und eine hohe Einsatzbereitschaft.

Jetzt bewerben!

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Diverse career opportunities for management consultants




Can I start with you if I have a bachelor's degree?

Regardless of whether your degree or diploma is a Bachelor's or Master's, your personality, your experience and your commitment are the deciding factors. Let's be honest: What does a university degree tell us about your skills as a change consultant?

Do I need systemic training as a consultant?

This can be a clear advantage for you. Our understanding of consulting is strongly based on the systemic approach. If you convince us on all other levels, we assume that you can acquire a systemic way of thinking without any special training.

What type of certification do I need?

Generally, you don't need any kind of certification to join us. However, there are always certain customer situations and special fields where it would make sense to obtain a specific certification, depending on the individual project and client.

Do I need professional experience?

Depending on your entry level, you may need to have some experience in consulting. Take a look at our career path.

Do I have to send my application by mail?

Please send your application digitally to recruiting@krauspartner.de

Are you just looking for business graduates?

No. We are looking for specific people. The field of study is secondary, we are looking for everything from creative unconventional thinkers to extremely structural types. Just the right people who fit in with our diverse and flexible client projects. Be it business administration, psychology, pedagogy, cultural studies etc....

We're looking for you, not your degree.

How long do I have to wait to get a response to my application?

We understand that you want to have a quick response to your application. Therefore, we assure you that you will receive a definite answer from us within 14 days. 

What happens if you want to interview me?

You will receive a phone call from us and we will tell you that we are interested in getting to know you better. Initially, we will use Skype to conduct the call so we can "get a good look at each other" and develop a second impression. The next step would be to get to know you personally. This meeting will take place at a location in Germany. 

Will I incur any expenses if we get to know each other personally?

You will be reimbursed for travel costs if we request a personal meeting with you. Details of the refund will be discussed prior to travel.

I don´t see a job advertisement that´s a fit for my skills - Should I still send you an application?

Be creative and proactive. Feel free to send us your application if you think you can create added value for our company. Think about what makes you different and what we as a company, as well as our clients, might gain from your abilities. We look forward to receiving your application.

Diverse career opportunities for management consultants

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