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Can I start with you if I have a bachelor's degree?

Regardless of whether your degree or diploma is a Bachelor's or Master's, your personality, your experience and your commitment are the deciding factors. Let's be honest: What does a university degree tell us about your skills as a change consultant?

Do I need systemic training as a consultant?

This can be a clear advantage for you. Our understanding of consulting is strongly based on the systemic approach. If you convince us on all other levels, we assume that you can acquire a systemic way of thinking without any special training.

What type of certification do I need?

Generally, you don't need any kind of certification to join us. However, there are always certain customer situations and special fields where it would make sense to obtain a specific certification, depending on the individual project and client.

Do I need professional experience?

Depending on your entry level, you may need to have some experience in consulting. Take a look at our career path.

Do I have to send my application by mail?

Please send your application digitally to recruiting@krauspartner.de

Are you just looking for business graduates?

No. We are looking for specific people. The field of study is secondary, we are looking for everything from creative unconventional thinkers to extremely structural types. Just the right people who fit in with our diverse and flexible client projects. Be it business administration, psychology, pedagogy, cultural studies etc....

We're looking for you, not your degree.

How long do I have to wait to get a response to my application?

We understand that you want to have a quick response to your application. Therefore, we assure you that you will receive a definite answer from us within 14 days. 

What happens if you want to interview me?

You will receive a phone call from us and we will tell you that we are interested in getting to know you better. Initially, we will use Skype to conduct the call so we can "get a good look at each other" and develop a second impression. The next step would be to get to know you personally. This meeting will take place at a location in Germany. 

Will I incur any expenses if we get to know each other personally?

You will be reimbursed for travel costs if we request a personal meeting with you. Details of the refund will be discussed prior to travel.

I don´t see a job advertisement that´s a fit for my skills - Should I still send you an application?

Be creative and proactive. Feel free to send us your application if you think you can create added value for our company. Think about what makes you different and what we as a company, as well as our clients, might gain from your abilities. We look forward to receiving your application.

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