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What makes us so special

  • We are different! We want to successfully support people and organizations in developing their full potential - with fun and commitment, with heart and mind. This spirit is the perfect ingredient for our 30-year-wealth of experience with a touch of diversity.
  • Humanity. For us, companies aren´t just complex machines. What really makes a company stand out is the people who work there. That's why we consider humanity as one of the central points in dealing with each other in our professional everyday life, as well as our consulting services. Even in the event of difficult decisions, we still have to be able to look our counterparts in the eye.
  • Technical expertise. We aren´t boasters or braggers. We know what we can do and clarify what we can do for you. Ongoing training and supervision ensures the quality of our work and makes it possible for us to offer you the greatest possible added value.
  • Between creating value and making money. Of course, we are an economically operating company. However, our basic principle is that the client's benefit always comes first.
  • Trust. We say what we do, and we do what we say!
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Mission statement
Our understand of self
Customer reviews
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... or everything remains as it is!

Mission statement

Mission statement

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We enable people and organizations to identify opportunities for the future and support them through change. We are associated with speed, creativity and an unprecedented sense of the needs of our clients."

Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner

Our understand of self

6 Punkte, die uns wichtig sind

Our understand of self

We are a premium provider of consulting and training services. We have summarized our self-image, which is what makes us different, in the EQUIPE model.

EQUIPE stands for the following 6 key points:

Emotional attachment | Quality | Uniqueness | Image | Price awareness | Excellence
Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner

Emotional attachment

Consultants and trainers are often described as competent but reserved, sometimes even arrogant. Many in the industry consciously cultivate this image. We aren´t fond of it. We prefer a to have a professional and respectful relationship with each other and our clients. Appreciation and closeness are the basis for trust and honest exchange. It is important to us that our clients feel understood, liked and extremely well taken care of!
  • We always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients' employees, reflect on our activities in regard to the pros and cons of their careers and actively offer them assistance.
  • We ensure a harmonious atmosphere and develop common goals by the end of each meeting.
  • We surprise our customers with small extras and the usual K&P promotions.
  • We always address our clients by name.
  • We have a sense of humor.

Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner


Our expertise and our actions stand for professional competence and impeccable quality, which we regularly review through further training and supervision. Our offers, documentation and communication processes meet the same high standards. We want our clients to feel like they can rely on us, knowing that we provide them with first-class service!
  • We are constantly furthering our education as well as reviewing our actions through supervision.
  • Communication processes are being agreed upon during the order clarification stage and are an integral part of the training or consulting process.
  • We actively seek intermediate feedback from our clients.
  • We conduct a debriefing after each client appointment.
  • We ensure that all our documents comply with high standards of content and form in accordance with client and K&P corporate design.
Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner


Our clients are familiar with our brand in the market and choose us because we are chic, bold and smart and because we keep our promises!

  • We are authentic and friendly.
  • We work with the latest technology.
  • We make sure to create a coherent image between our competence and our performance as well as our "package". But to be honest, fashion isn´t our pet project ;-)
  • What´s much easier for us: We are happy to underline our positive image with innovative promotions.
Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner


Being different is part of K&P's brand. Since we use elements that have been developed by us during our work, we can be recognized by our own K&P signature. It is identified by the type of communication, innovative methods and models, surprising tactics and its own comics.

  • We rely on visualization. Wastelands of texts, empty phrases and long PowerPoint presentations are certainly not something you´ll get from us, but you will receive a stand-up visualization via Flipchart - spontaneously and especially created for you.
  • We prefer dialogue and interaction over frontal lectures.
  • We describe our methods and procedures in a clear and humorous way with the help of our comics and movies.
  • We supply our customers with exceptional working materials. The K&P laminettos (DIN A5 cards on all relevant methods, models and tools) are well on the way to achieving cult status.
  • Speaking of cult: Are you familiar with our change drops?
Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner

Price awareness

We are aware that we aren´t cheap. And our clients know that we are worth every dollar! We measure ourselves against our performance and offer you our warranty of confidence: If you are not satisfied with our performance, simply rip up your bill.

We can now look back on more than 10 years of experience offering this warranty. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made, as this "forces" us to maintain a regular dialogue with our clients and also invites them to regularly review our performance.

  • We are open and self-confident in our pricing, and this is for a good reason: We are the leader in change management.
  • We are aware that we have developed unique concepts that set us apart from the training and consulting mass market.
  • We employ the most exceptional people in order to offer you the best solutions on the market.
  • We only take on assignments that no one else can solve better than us!
  • We don't count every penny: We don´t mind going the extra mile for our customers.
Change Management Team von Dr. Kraus & Partner


We enjoy expert status in the field of change management and collaborate with renowned universities and business schools at the interface of research, teaching, and practice: Our clients know that we have the best consultants working for us and that we offer the latest knowledge!
  • Every year, in cooperation with the University of Aix-Marseille, we organize the European Change Forum, an international congress for change experts from the fields of research, industry and politics.
  • We will continue to actively expand our links with the universities cooperating with us in the future.
  • We take on teaching assignments and pass our knowledge on to students.
  • We have consultants who are in demand as keynote speakers at conferences and congresses.
  • We only employ the best consultants and trainers. We promote exceptional talents.

Customer reviews

Das sagen unsere Kunden ├╝ber uns

Customer reviews

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Feedback on our work as a management consultancy

K&P stands out because they are different than the others. For example, you don't have to endure death by PowerPoint during your presentation. Instead, they respond flexibly to questions and show you short and precise solutions on the flipchart. That makes them every likeable. And they were the only consultants that didn´t go in the same direction as all the others during the introductions. This definitely stands out and will be remembered!"
Bernhard Blind
Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke / Dr. Schneider Holding GmbH