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Our training is exceptional!

From standard to tailor-made training

Personnel development as a professional contact person understands the requirements of all departments and purchases appropriate services in a targeted manner. Often, personnel development wears two hats.

Personnel development as a "requirements manager".
  • Understanding business challenges
  • Creating competence profiles and qualification goals
  • Communicating the level of qualification
  • Deriving requirements for qualification measures
Personnel development as a "professional buyer".
  • The provider must be able to connect content.
  • Are there any relevant experience and corresponding standard training sessions available?
  • Is the ability to create an individual concept present?
  • Are your trainers "teachable"?
When deciding on a training provider, there are many questions that can be answered in a conscious, as well as subconscious way. Personnel developers as "guardians of corporate culture" are also confronted with the following questions: Does the provider of consulting and training services also fit within our basic attitudes and values? Do I have a good feeling about bringing this provider into the company as an "ambassador for personnel development"? A difficult decision...

Unser ausgewogenes Trainingsangebot

Für Standard- und Veränderungsherausforderungen

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K&P Training...

...We dig deeper, making knowledge possible

We rely on utilizing learning methods that awaken curiosity, make you want to try out new things and internalize relevant information.

We are one of the leading change consultants in German-speaking countries. We have extensive expertise in tailor-made training development for change processes. Please ask us for our references!

From individual training sessions to training programs

Training on all levels

If you are looking for an experienced partner for your personnel development, you have come to the right place.

Development program for leadership executives

Working with us, you can achieve your goals because we know what executives deal with and what questions they ask themselves in the first few months: How do I position myself as a manager? What are my strengths? How do I react in stressful situations? And why does only a portion of my staff and colleagues understand what I am trying to say?

With our leadership executive programs, we provide managers with the tools they need to answer these questions ion an individual basis.

We have experience in a variety industries and company sizes and always work closely with the Human Resources department. We have designed and implemented management programs for young leaders, as well as for "old hands" - the more experienced managers.

We believe in co-creation, i.e. a partnership-based collaboration in which the "on-board funds" are utilized in an optimal way and in which we identify areas of development together. We would like to create our detailed concept in close cooperation with you.

One of our tasks is to burst the illusion of "fake clarity". We are the right consultancy if you want to motivate managers to face the challenges of leadership and to face change with their experiences and our knowledge.

How We See Blended Learning

The opportunities of E-learning

Digital learning methods such as chats, video conferences and/or webinars offer great opportunities for in-company continuous training. Learning is no longer just taking place in shared seminar rooms (or climbing gardens) or at the desks of the respective individuals. Digital formats can be integrated into everyday life and make it possible to constantly link trainers, participants and content with personal professional practice.

In addition to this, digital forms of learning - and the possible gamification - are particularly appealing to younger participants because they integrate with their usual media usage and use their affinity for digital devices. 

It´s all in the combination
The challenge is to integrate the diverse e-learning options with face-to-face courses and classic forms of learning to form a coherent, blended learning training concept.

We also focus on the participants: depending on their proximity to digital devices and how well they are able to handle the chosen e-learning platform, we integrate emails, chat sessions and/or webinars into the training process. These media help to anchor the contents of face-to-face events and support the transfer into everyday work life. However, they must always be designed and technically implemented in a way that their application is quick and easy to use, without the need for a great deal of set-up and without participant prior know-how.

We bring with us experienced partners and our own platforms for a blended learning training experience. Give us a call!

We dig deeper, make knowledge possible

Our didactic model

Illustration Veränderungsherausforderungen Dr. Kraus & Partner
The concepts of our training programs serve clear goals: We want to achieve the actual objectives of the participants, enable them to deal with the content personally and support them in transferring what they have learned into their individual working practices. That is why our training sessions include reflection, practice and discussion, switching of roles, work on your own cases and creation of networks for mutual support. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve sustainable success.
Training that includes several modules follows a coherent and connected overall logic (please see below for an example). Each module has a clear focus on a specific topic, which is structured according to the following didactic model:
  • We present models, perspectives and theories and discuss them together.
  • We show you how to apply them in practice and make the theory more tangible. This opens the door for working with employees and strengthens the feeling of responsibility.
  • We do not provide solutions, but initiate internal processes by bringing theory and practice together, creating space for experience and methodically supporting collegiate learning. This ensures that knowledge is permanently anchored in the company and enables you to develop your own solutions.
  • Above all, we are trainers with heart and mind.
In today's world, the competitiveness and survival of most companies increasingly depends on the social skills of their managers. Where role assignments and hierarchical processes used to lead to positive results, a situational management style is now necessary for employees to succeed in times of change. The optimal promotion of human capital - of emotional intelligence and creativity - at this level, tailored to the individual challenges of the organization is, therefore, the answer to the key question of our time!

Trainer with heart and mind

Our training principles

As close as possible.
We awaken a lively interest in the topic.
The relevance for your specific work becomes clear.
We increase the willingness to learn and to implement and apply what you have learned.

The "Learning Company" is our focus.
We organize the framework conditions for a self-directed learning and development process.
As experienced change experts, we proactively accompany people, teams and organizations during all phases of change processes.

We combine scientific knowledge with practical experience and develop participant-oriented training concepts with a high degree of implementation.

We say what we do and we do what we say!

The trainer…
... organizes the framework conditions for a self-directed development process for the participants.

The training participants....
... are responsible for your own development progress. They learn in an action-oriented and self-directed way.

The trainer...
... creates a positive climate of acceptance and appreciation for all participants.

Learning …
... is seen as a constructive, situational process. The active position is always occupied by the learner.

Our understanding of quality....
... is consistently oriented towards the basic ideas and principles of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).