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Moderation of Workshops and Events

K&P Moderation

Effective moderation of workshops and events

Our moderators are cosmopolitans. They possess international experience and an effective, proven mix of methods. Whether open space, future conference, panel discussion or workshop - we develop the best moderation approach together with you and guide you through your event. We are familiar with the local cultural specialties and know how to make positive use of them.

You will achieve lasting success of the impact of your event. Participants will find their way into the topics faster and more easily, so you have more space to present your message or product and make it more effective. When our moderators arrive, things get moving. They are not limited to modern and active methods. In partnership with our moderators, you will be able to reach your team with heart, a gut feeling and intellect and you will be able to make an impression because our moderators:
  • speak the same language
  • have lived, managed, sold and trained in the respective country and understand the culture
  • are able to deal with conflicts in a relaxed manner and re-align your team with synergy and potential
  • are role-models for success-oriented team players
  • develop practical strategies with a lot of know-how and a healthy sense of humor
  • have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to their task

Large Group Events

Turn affected parties into participants

200 people in one room, 2 days, 1 common goal, lots of energy for change. Large group events are effective for turning those impacted by change projects into active participants. Our motto: Bring everyone into one room and facilitate dialogue.

We work with various large group formats, such as
  • Open Space
  • World Café 
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Real Time Strategic Change
  • Group Thinking

Experience has led us to often use a mix of large group methods. After all, a large group format is not an end in itself, but always serves to achieve more specific goals.
Moderation - Group event
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I've never experienced such an euphoric atmosphere among my employees!"

Die Methode World Café

Wie funktioniert ein World Café?

Moderation - Illustration World Café
The moderation and clear announcement of the next steps is important for the success of World Café.
  • The moderator defines the course of events, explains the basic conditions and points out the changes at the tables to the participants.
  • The moderator names the topics/questions of the individual rounds... may also need to make a decision if a question is no longer applicable, etc.
  • The moderator should convey a creative, lively impression to the participants, because they are here to put creative thoughts on paper.
We focus on the goal and impact of a large group event. In doing so, we not only create a "great event", which will be remembered by the participants, but we also use large group procedures to achieve the goals of the change process in a better and more employee-oriented way.

We have worked with event agencies in partnership, which we consult according to your needs. You can be sure that we will use the entertaining elements of an event in a well-balanced manner and adapt them to your needs.

Workshop and Meeting Moderation

Targeted moderation

Moderations Workshop Illustration
Workshops and meetings sometimes require a fresh look, a courageous one, that also allows for asking uncomfortable questions. That's where we come in. We moderate your workshop with a variety of topics.

What we pay specific attention to:
  • Targeted initialization and control of discussion processes
  • Participation management: How do I slow down and motivate participants?
  • Visualization of previous discussion results: Orientation and Overview
  • Dealing with (unexpected) emerging conflicts
  • Final clarification and documentation of the most important decisions and the corresponding distribution of tasks, including specific scheduling
  • Follow-up