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Consulting for Your Change Processes

K&P Change Management

Holistic management consulting

We always consider the entire entrepreneurial system
We help people and organizations cope with the complex tasks in their companies.

In this context, we find it necessary to always consider and advise the entire system of a company. This means:
  • Strategic consulting: Supplying the company with a clear direction (strategy)
  • Structural consulting: Aligning the organization and the respective processes (structure)
  • Performance culture: Kraus & Partner offers its customers individual and tailor-made solutions for each of the above-mentioned cornerstones of the Strategy-Structure-Culture Triangle, all within the framework of the respective consulting institutes.
Dr. Kraus & Partner combines intuition, knowledge and experience when accompanying change management processes. We view change management as an intervention in a social system. For us, the focus is on people as independently responsible protagonists. In doing so, we develop the target (structures & processes), the ability (knowledge & skills), the willingness (adjustment & motivation) and the permission (role models & culture).

We want to achieve the following goals with our customers:
  • Development of the learning capacity of organizations.
  • Development of an organizational culture in which reflection and feedback are among the core competencies of your protagonists.
  • Development of a communicative understanding of leadership which is able to perceive typical reactions to change and lead them to success.
  • Development of success-oriented teams


Das K&P Berater Dreieck

Erfolgreiches Change Management auf drei Ebenen

K&P Berater Dreieck

Erfolgreiches Change Management auf drei Ebenen

The balance between the poles of strategy, structure (organization of structures and processes) and culture (individual and collective behaviors) is always in an unstable state and requires constant intervention. All interventions always represent a learning process.
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Therefore, we will not give in to the temptation of making you believe that we already have the right solution for your problem in our pocket!"

Das Projekt: Rührei mit Speck

Wer wird sich als Gewinner und wer als Verlierer sehen?

K&P Berater Dreieck

What Makes Us Different

K&P Management Consulting is different

Instead of presenting you with an "F-pattern" process in a "cool" consulting manner, so as to convince you of our professionalism, we would prefer to outline our way of dealing with our clients and their challenges:
  • What makes us different?
  • What will make a difference if you work with us? How likely is it that you will achieve your goals working with us?

One of the biggest challenges in the context of change processes is dealing with uncertainty.

We believe in co-creation, i.e. a partnership-based cooperation in which the "on-board funds" are optimally utilized and we identify development areas together. This applies in particular to our collaboration with the internal team already involved with the issue. As consultants, we will assume different roles in such a process, according to our own concept. Depending on the role, we focus our cooperation on...
  • Recognition and understanding
  • Enabling
  • Realization
We are able to determine exactly what aggravates the system, where there is a longing for stability or clarification, and how to handle these circumstances. However, after our consultation with you, one of our tasks is to burst the illusion of a "fake clarity". We are the right partner if you want to motivate executives and employees to face these challenges and to walk a path of change together using their experiences and our knowledge.