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Coaching as a success factor

How K&P Coaches can Support You

Individual coaching support

Political and professional challenges are influenced by your personality and your "environment" and should not be addressed in isolation.

Coaching sessions normally involve questions about personality and specific topics about daily work. Separating these topics is often not productive in the context of coaching.

Is this a dilemma? No. A win-win! From our experience, such overlaps are important for the success of a coaching session. The prerequisite, however, is that it must be made transparent for the coach and coachee.

Our understanding of the K&P Coach Role
  • We help you to reflect on and improve your communication.
  • We accompany you during conflicts and create learning fields for your future.
  • Everyone has beliefs and motivations that can sometimes make it difficult to be constructive. We support you in understanding this more clearly.
  • We focus on your personal management topics and help you help yourself.
  • We are your sparring partner during change processes. Our experienced change consultants support you with advice and action.
  • We support you in designing your image within the organization
  • As a quick reaction force, we support where there is an acute "emergency".
  • We help you discover new ways and perspectives.
  • We coach your teams and provide you with collegial advice.

Emergency Coaching

Coaching - Quick support for emergency cases

Akut Coaching
Whether you call it sparring, emergency coaching, reflective conversation, conflict counseling or office hour is of no importance. What matters is what you need right now:
  • You are not looking for a permanent coach, but would like to have spontaneous assistance regarding a specific question.
  • You are faced with a radical change or a major decision and would like to reflect on all options with a professional coach.
  • You would like to prepare yourself for a challenging employee assessment.
  • Your schedule is tight and you prefer to be coached by phone or via Skype.
This is why we have set up emergency coaching.
Short-term, uncomplicated, competent.  Simply make an appointment with our consultant Katja von Bergen. As a manager, consultant and systemic coach, Katja combines practical experience with a keen sense for pragmatic instruments and recommendations in crisis situations. She will support you in finding the right solution and give you valuable answers and a change of perspective when it comes to illuminating your specific situation.

The first appointment (1 hour) is free of charge. For a follow-up coaching session, the following prices apply:
  • Telefon / Skype Coaching: 100€ / hr
  • Coaching on site: 180 € / hr plus travel

Call Katja von Bergen directly: +49 (0)163-2673018

Training as an Agile Coach

Introducing and supporting agility in companies

Agile work requires the greatest paradigm shift ever! In order to be well positioned in our complex world and secure the company's business success, the introduction of agile methods and organizational forms can be helpful. But easier said than done. How does this work and who does it?

There must be someone in your company who understands, knows, and passionately supports teams and organizations in applying and accepting agile practices and principles. While initially this task can be conducted by an external agile coach, sooner or later it should be performed internally. We have developed a comprehensive, certified training program which consists of 5 modules, peer meetings and e-learning for agile coaches.

Have we peeked your curiosity? Find more details about the training here:

Register and get certified for a profession that has a future!

The K&P Working Principles for a Successful Coaching Session

No values, no value foundation!

All of our coaches are also consultants and can, therefore, cover all facets of the coachee's needs. We will find the coach that suits you! Whether it be coaching, consulting or sparring, we follow our working principles:

Voluntary action … the coachee decides if he wants to be coached
Orientation … a high degree of orientation through maximum transparency
Confidentiality … we do not share your information with third parties unless there is a prior agreement
Professionalism … only trained coaches carry out coaching sessions

In addition, will be matched based on your needs and the coach's individual personality and experience.
  • All of our coaches are trained in systems theory. We do not look at individual symptoms, but work holistically on the causes of difficult situations.
  • The professional background of our coaches is as diverse as their personalities.
  • They have experience in almost all industries.

Our coaching approach focuses on the needs of the coachee

Consulting interactions in the right places increase the success of the intervention

The first coaching session is essential for good cooperation.
In coaching, we begin with the clarification of tasks and roles, objectives and attitude. If there is agreement on the fit, a contract is made between coach and coachee. 
Working phase
In the working phase, we make use of the diversity of our coaching methods. Different interventions can cause different reactions in your internal or external system. Depending on the reaction, we adjust our coaching session.
Each coaching unit is finalized by providing instruction, taking a look at the future and agreeing on the next steps.

In the completion phase, we reflect on the process and the achieved goal. In the case of a client who is not the coachee, there is still a joint final discussion.

Now you are faced with the challenge of assessing whether a coach meets a certain quality standard. In other words, "if he's any good." This is a nearly unattainable task indeed. If a coach belongs to an association and is certified, this is a good prerequisite. In addition to these formalities, the personal aspect is also essential. Our coaches have many years of coaching experience, use every possibility of their own supervision and are systemically trained.

We want to create the perfect coach - coachee fit to ensure the success of our efforts. What does success in coaching mean to us? Your satisfaction!
We promise satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, rip up your bill!

By now, we can look back on more than 10 years of experience offering this guarantee. It turned out to have been one of the best decisions we've ever made, because....

... this offers us regular dialogue with our customers.
... and also invites our customers to regularly review our services.

We are one of the leading change consulting firms in German-speaking countries.
We have had great success in supporting people and organizations during change processes - please ask us for references!

When we are consulted for coaching


Overview of coaching events

There are many different starting points when a coaching session is requested. Below are examples of the most frequent situations that initiate a coaching relationship:
  • You are responsible for a major change process in your organization and would like to be accompanied by a consultant.
  • You would like to discuss/reflect on your professional/personal position.
  • You would like to change your current stressful situations problem-solving pattern.
  • You would like to prepare for a new upcoming, challenging task with a sparring partner.
  • Difficult (employee) discussions will take place in the future and you would like to prepare with a coach.
  • You want to question and reflect on your communication and leadership style in key situations.
  • You currently have motivation problems and would like to increase your good energy.
  • You are having difficulty dealing with an employee on your team.
  • You would like to review your talents, preferences, strengths and weaknesses and identify new opportunities.

... reflects on your personal behavior and enables new options for action.
develops and strengthen your own leadership skills.
supports you in coping with challenging change situations.
strengthens the competence and clarity of the coachee during conflict situations.
makes an effective contribution to a positive implementation culture.

Project Manager - Coaching
  • You are the project manager of a strategically important project and are looking for an experienced project coach.
  • You are confronted with individual situations and questions regarding your projects, to which you have not received adequate answers during general training.
  • You have already attended a large number of seminars and training courses - but still find it difficult to put into practice what you have learned.
  • You are working on a project that "can´t go wrong" and want to reduce your "blind spots" with a sparring partner.
During project manager coaching, we see ourselves as solution-and-goal-oriented project managers. Our main focus is on promoting healthy self-reflection in a professional context. We know exactly what we are talking about: Our coaches and consultants come from practice. We support you in one-to-several hours of individual or team meetings. This ensures continuous development, always taking into account individual resources and skills. Results are then put into practice gradually and reviewed as projects are successfully completed.

Seminars convey collective project management knowledge to participants. However, it is not possible to deal with all concrete and complex problems of individual participants within these settings. Issues can be dealt with in detail during individual project manager coaching sessions or project management consulting. A specialist will pick you up from where you are currently standing. From this point of view, solutions are developed together. This guarantees precise measures and individual learning success. If training courses are not accompanied by individual measures, you run the risk of saving costs and time at the expense of sustained learning success.

Innovation coaching
  • Would you like to create new innovation teams, in which cooperation should be as effective as possible?
  • Do you want to improve the efficiency of your most important innovation project in order to keep marketing time as short as possible?
  • Is the big challenge for you not finding new ideas, but implementation?

Ideas for innovative projects are often developed with great enthusiasm and hope. A major challenge for many companies is to carry this momentum into the implementation phase and maintain it. A clear decision management system can help during this process, (What do we implement, why and when? What is left out?) as well as a professional coaching concept to support the project managers and teams in the implementation.
Our innovation coaching can assist you during your most important innovation projects to identify the central challenges and the solutions with the help of external support. Classic tasks are organization kick-off events, acquisition of project management activities, improvement of (product development) processes, professional or leadership-oriented coaching of project managers and the support of change or sales activities triggered by the innovation project.
Since innovations always lead to a complete reassessment of existing products and/or processes, there are often people in the company who end up feeling like losers and could, deliberately or unconsciously, attempt to delay or prevent the success of an innovative project.
Such dynamics need to be addressed at an early stage and taken into account constructively within the framework of a holistic coaching concept.