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Our know-how for your sales success - Factors for top sales results

We view sales success as the result of the interactions of various factors: sales strategy, structures and sales processes, corporate culture and the professional qualification of your sales staff and managers. That's why we analyze, advise, support and train your sales force systematically and pragmatically, taking all factors into account. We want you to achieve the best sales result possible.

Our sales professionals and consultants are former sales managers themselves and know the sales department inside out. They speak your language and know all individual opportunities and pitfalls of sales in various industries.

By the way, we are convinced that (almost) every market shift creates new opportunities. They must, however, be recognized. We help you to take advantage of these opportunities and convey these ideas to your sales staff.
Bild Strategisches Vertriebsmanagement

Strategisches Vertriebsmanagement

Strategic Sales Management

...what it means to us

We differentiate between operational sales and strategic sales management. While operative sales and distribution is mainly focused on generating and exploiting as many sales opportunities as possible for the company, retaining existing customers and making optimal use of the relationships, attracting new customers, etc., strategic sales and distribution management is geared towards securing and increasing the company's long-term market success.
This raises the following fundamental questions for a company:
  • How do we position our company (product) in the market?
  • How do we turn our customers into true fans of our company?
  • How do we develop a nose for new markets?
  • How do we organize an excellent and lean distribution system?

The sales consulting triangle

The answers or measures to these questions are based on our holistic K&P consulting concept, which we have developed in numerous sales, strategy and change consultancies. The K&P consultant triangle. It shows the 3 design fields for strategic sales management.
Vertrieb Mmanagement Berater Dreieck
The trick of it is: Only if this triangle is in balance, i.e. if all three design fields are sensibly coordinated with each other, can the company achieve sustainable market success. An example:

If a company (e.g. in mechanical engineering) wants to position itself on the market as a problem solver and turn its customers into true fans, it is undisputed that it must offer the right product and service portfolio of the right quality, to a very well-defined target group.
Branding and price strategy also must underpin the desired positioning in such a way that, at best, even the competitors' customers communicate when they will finally change suppliers (design field strategy and markets).

If we take a look at the K&P consultant triangle, it immediately becomes clear that measures at the strategic level alone are not enough to ensure the desired success.

At the same time, both the sales processes, as well as the competencies and spirit of the sales team, including customer service and application technology, must fit the desired market positioning (and vice versa). Even with the best product, customers do not become fans if inquiries are not answered quickly enough, the service technician brings the wrong parts with him or the customer is passed on from pillar to post in the event of a complaint (design field structures and processes).

And if the sales team is not in a position to arouse enthusiasm for the high-quality machines and to sell the added value of expert advice, as well as an individual and needs-oriented solution to the customer, the company will not be able to justify its sales and price expectations in the market (design field culture and competence).

This small example can be extended at will (e.g. with a nose for new markets) or transferred 1:1 to a provider for standardized services in the lower price segment. The message remains the same: No matter which goals you want your sales team to achieve in the market long term, you should always consider all three fields of strategic sales management.
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What lies behind the K&P sales triangle?

Strategy and markets:

Which markets do we want to develop in the future? With which service portfolio? How do we want to position ourselves in the market and which market development strategies do we use to achieve our sales and corporate goals? With these and similar questions, strategic sales management a focus within corporate strategy. Answers to these questions can be designed with the following topics and approaches.

Finding attractive markets for the future
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Trend scouting
  • Market prognoses
  • Market and competition analyses
  • New distribution channels
Developing the right strategies
  • Customer acquisition strategy
  • Positioning strategy
  • Pricing & branding
  • Competitive advantages
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Internationalization strategy
  • Product portfolio
  • Sales innovation
Structures and processes

The central question for this field of design is: "How do we make our sales organization fit for the future requirements of customers and markets?
On the one hand, this means: How do we ensure that we are present in all relevant sales channels and work efficiently and purposefully to exploit our market potential? And on the other hand: How do we design and control our internal processes in a way that our customers' requests are met quickly, efficiently and at the targeted level of quality. The following topics and approaches are important for this field of design:

Efficient processes
  • KVP in sales
  • Fast and uncomplicated customer service
  • Efficient order fulfillment
  • Acquisition of new customers and lead management
  • Bid management
  • Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Intelligent sales structures
  • Optimal sales positioning
  • Sales territories and channels
  • Product management
  • Key-Account-Management
  • Sales management and cockpit
  • CRM-Systems
  • Suitable incentive systems

Culture and competence

When products and services, as well as processes and organizational forms, of many companies become increasingly similar, the employees of a company often represent the only noticeable difference in the market. How can the sales team develop into a recognized unique selling point (USP) in the market? In order to achieve this, a company must address the following topics and challenges.
  • Unique sales philosophy (mission and values)
  • Courageous and professional leadership
  • The right mix of sales people and leadership executives
  • Team spirit and an open feedback culture
  • Willingness to perform and to change
  • Continuous learning process on all levels
  • Professionalism in field and office work



When we are consulted

Sales strategy - Conquering new markets with a clear direction

Sales and strategy check - Creating transparency and leverage

Market analyses - Professional preparation of strategic decisions

Market and competition check - Your kick-off for successful sales strategies

Intelligent sales processes - Making optimal use of sales opportunities, developing customer relationships efficiently

Strategic sales positioning - Increasing your success on all sales channels

The best sales team - Team play with competence and spirit

Sales professional - Developing and fine-tuning top salespeople

Leadership executive in sales - Managing teams and departments effectively

Sales Manager Coaching - Individual advancement and further development for managers

Trade fair training - Planning and executing trade fairs successfully

Sales events -  Start sales success with workshops & conferences
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Good salesmen know that they don't know everything, they let the customer know that he also knows something." Heinz Goldmann

How do you set up your distribution?

How agile is your sales force - Are you ready for the future?

"Speed in sales is a trump card, which is why most sales organizations are focused on short-term and rapid success." This means that many future opportunities are missed because many sales organizations are no longer up for new challenges. It has been proven that companies with strategically managed sales organizations grow faster and generate higher profits than others. Sales managers who want to be successful in the long-term should therefore ask themselves the following questions:

How do we develop the right nose for new markets?

How do we position our products correctly in the market?

How do we turn our customers into true fans of our company? And:

How do we organize an excellent and lean distribution?

Would you like to know how well prepared your sales team is for the future? Would you like to implement and test the results of your new sales concept right away? Then you should consider the following:

Key success factors:
  • Sales strategy as part of the corporate strategy
  • The three design fields for lasting market success: Strategy and markets, structures and processes, competence and spirit
  • The sales check: How fit is your sales force for the future?
  • The strategic design fields in action
  • Finding attractive markets for the future
  • Strategic success options in sales
  • Making your sales organization fit for the future
  • Developing the sales team as the company's USP
  • The development plan for your own sales organization
  • Starting and implementing change projects in sales with the K&P Change Model

Sales consulting:
When we work with you, you will receive a coherent concept on how to successfully align your sales organization. We will check how well your sales organization is positioned for the future and identify the need for action in your sales organization, together with you. We will develop and discuss possible solutions for your company and draw up a plan for the gradual change of your sales force.

The Elevator Pitch

Vertrieb Elevator Pich

A well-thought-out elevator pitch enables you to demonstrate the core benefits of your product, service or even your own ability in just a few words. This is unbeatable when it comes to marketing and self-marketing purposes.

Download the appropriate method map!

Communicating with your Sales Team

Ensure that you regularly discuss strategic issues with your sales team and do not forget to reflect on teamwork. Too often, our daily lives are characterized by the figures, data and facts.

Take the time to discuss all questions with the team on a regular basis.
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When the sale turns into an encounter between customer and seller, both are satisfied."

(Alfred Rademacher)