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Practical example: A growth scenario

Growth is Change

Change management consulting for a culture of cooperation, a "we" approach and financial success


The multi-dimensional growth culture at BJ had not developed efficiently - logically so, since in the case of BJ, the return on investment [ROI] for market cultivation activities was significantly greater than for (e.g.) process optimization.

In this scenario, the consequence of this was that new people were hired and resources utilized whenever and wherever new tasks arose. Since, as a result, the already-low dependency on existing employees was further reduced, the actual need for collaboration and communication between these parties also decreased - and managers indirectly built on their positions of power through un-economically sound behavior!
Wherever a number of growth dimensions exist in parallel, the effect is likely to multiply until the company is so fragmented that a joint, coordinated approach to market cultivation is rendered increasingly unlikely due to special interests and a culture of "me first".
As a result, the company's purpose - and with it, its earnings - are directly jeopardized.

The logic and cooperation of the organization had to be challenged in order to ensure that the success of the past did not endanger the success of the future.
It was necessary to structure the current and future growth in a structural sense to tap into the efficiency potential present in the integrated value chain of the current organization and to develop a common culture of leadership and collaboration.

Generally speaking, the CEO was not an advocate of management consultants as, in his opinion, the ability to change must be present in the organization itself. However, the sought-after change was very extensive and it was clear that its success would depend on the "buy-in" of the managers. These managers - it had to be assumed - would counter the desired change with skepticism and, in some cases, with resistance.
In light of all this, the CEO entrusted his assistant with drawing up a shortlist of suitable consulting firms and holding a "beauty contest" to gain a feel for the right external partner for this challenge.

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