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Practical example: Lean transformation

Change Support for Lean Transformations

Success through commitment - Lean transformations mean behavioral changes, not only the introduction of methods

The CEO is looking for a consulting firm that has extensive experience with Lean Transformation and the associated social and procedural challenges and knows how to apply them to his organization.
It is important to the CEO that significant learning experiences are made at location A so that the findings may be transferred to other international locations at a later date.
Therefore, the idea is to have the (project) organization be accompanied by external change support. Ideally, this support is modular and is tailored to the needs of the different target groups in the organization.
The CEO and consultants of Dr. Kraus & Partner worked out the tasks in which Dr. Kraus & Partner was to support BJ:
  1. Change story development: Core messages and appeals to leadership executives and employees.
  2. Change communication: Targeted communicative engagement with emotional and technical aspects of the change and control of the information situation, especially in the direction of the stakeholders.
  3. Top team alignment: Coordination and alignment of key personnel.
  4. Change leadership training: Leadership and role models in Lean Transformation (e.g. from problem solver to making solutions possible, leading without power etc.).
  5. Change agent training: An informal multiplier structure as an orientation guide and guideline for employees.
  6. Gemba Workshops: Co-creative learning on the spot, accompanied and guided by Lean professionals.
  7. Measuring/controlling the change process: Take in voices from the organization and consider impulses.
You will find the continuation of this project description/White Paper as a PDF for download.