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Our change management projects - Examples from practice

Learn how we work as change consultants by means of detailed project descriptions

How everything is connected to everything else - this is the question we aim to address. The project descriptions/white papers on this page are intended to show you how we approach and holistically tackle our change management projects. Based on fictional case studies, we describe in detail the way we work and - most importantly - the key considerations underpinning our methodology.

Of course, every change project is different. Barriers to change vary and the stakeholders and corporate culture play a significant role in shaping the project. With our practical examples in the form of white papers, we aim to demonstrate how we visualize the individual conditions of change management processes and then act effectively and efficiently using this as a base.

Our white papers and detailed project descriptions, representing a range of highly diverse change projects, illustrate the way we work and our approach to projects. Read for yourself!
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Our projects

Project overview

Practical example: A growth scenario
Practical example: Lean transformation
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Practical example: A growth scenario

Change Management Consulting for rapidly growing companies - Project description

Practical example: A growth scenario

The CEO of BJ GmbH might as well feel happy…

The business strategy has taken off across the entire range of business areas and the success of the last few years speaks for itself:
Sales and employee numbers have almost doubled over the last three business years. 
Naturally, the growth in diversity has also strengthened the self-sufficient structures of individual business units, exerting a fortifying effect on the confidence of senior managers.

As much as the CEO is pleased about the success to date, he, as a strategist, sees a need to put in place the foundation for future growth.
When he looks closely at the various divisions, he regularly wonders to what extent creative chaos rules the work environment. He sees cumbersome workflows, redundancies caused by excess work and duplicated efforts and little collaboration between areas. The company culture, which is under ongoing pressure from the constant hiring of new employees and the integration of new colleagues from business transfers, is only weakly perceived - in fact, it is transitioning to a multi-cultural environment. 

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Practical example: Lean transformation

Change Management Consulting for lean transformation - Project description

Practical example: Lean transformation

At Location A, the company BJ is facing growing challenges:
With increasing production volumes and associated capacity bottlenecks, questions have arisen as to how the company can organize itself optimally in regards to processes and employees.
The answer comes in the form of "Lean Transformation", whereby focus is shifted away from the introduction of new methods and towards sustainable changes in attitudes and behavior by managers and employees.
A corresponding project for management and implementation of such a change has already been considered and the responsible persons nominated internally.

Read the rest of this project description/white paper by downloading the PDF.