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Starting and developing as a change consultant at K&P

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Can you see yourself becoming change consultant for our team? Great, we're happy to hear it! At K&P, we offer various career development opportunities based on your entry level and of course, depending on your level of commitment.

We support you in developing your competence as a generalist or specialist.

What would you like to do? Jetzt bewerben!
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Development levels
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Development levels

Development levels

From Junior Consultant to Partner

Our change consultants are very diverse

We have different roles for different levels of experience and backgrounds. Familiarize yourself with our role descriptions.

Junior consultant
You will join us as a junior consultant if you are a university graduate and come to us directly after completing university without any work experience.
You will be an apprentice for 1 - 2 years, working on supporting our projects from your home office.
You will prepare offers and pitches under the guidance of a project manager and get to know the project's daily routine, for example, in a role as a project office employee.
Your individual development will be discussed and you will complete all necessary advanced training in order to deliver the greatest possible service to clients as quickly as possible.
Consultant/Senior Consultant
You already have 1-3 years of professional experience as a consultant or you are a career changer with beneficial competencies. Depending on your maturity level and the respective assignment, you will be employed as a consultant or senior consultant and your core competencies and interests will be aligned with the existing projects.
You are able to work independently on individual workstreams and work autonomously for the project manager.
You design and carry out workshops and training sessions independently, of course, with the helpful advice of your colleagues.
Project manager
You have experience successfully managing projects in your previous profession or at K&P. You will be able to manage and direct projects with the right clients - and keep an eye on stakeholder management. You design projects, control the implementation of measurement, stay in constant contact with the clients and keep a close eye on his as well as his company's objectives.
You are responsible for a team and you need to coordinate with your colleagues on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the best result for the clients.
From here on out, your development will be in management.
Account Manager
You join us as an experienced consultant with partner or key account experience or you have already successfully managed projects with us.
From this point on, you will also be responsible for the support and expansion of our client base. You have a good instinct for client needs. You are confident when it comes to negotiations and always focus on business requirements while having the client in mind at all times.
Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is a prerequisite at all levels.
Junior Berater Junior Consultant
Berater Consultant
Senior Berater Senior Consultant
Projektleiter Project Leader
Partner Partner Account­ Manager
Student Green­horn Student
Absolvent Graduatet
Junior Consultant Consultant
Career Changer
Project Leader Project Leader
Partner Partner
Career as a management consultant at Dr. Kraus & Partner




What does the salary model look like?

We are flexible when it comes to salary structure. Some prefer a fixed salary without bonuses, others would like a higher performance-related salary component. Together we will find the solution that suits you best.

Will you finance my training as a consultant?

We invest in our employees. Provided we see enough potential and experience enough commitment from their side.  During the probationary period, training is not financed directly. Afterwards, however, we will work together to find the right training program for you.

Can I work for you on a part-time basis?

In our experience, working part-time is difficult to combine with the often-turbulent everyday project routines. The clients usually want a consultant to be completely available or not at all and projects vary in intensity.

I don't really see myself in any of your job descriptions. Is it still worth applying?

We are interested in very fast and very smart unconventional thinkers, even if they do not conform to the norm. Call us to find out whether you and your skills are the right fit for us and if submitting an application is worth your while.

How do you decide which stage I am in and when I am ready for the next career step?

Here is the clear answer: Your self-assessment and the assessment of your colleagues, together with a personal interview, form a good basis for jointly assessing where you stand. During project work, you will have regular discussions with the project manager to reflect on your development status and identify development potential.

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