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Change Management Consulting


Supporting change

Change management consulting - When we are called
  • "How do I anchor my company's strategy?"
  • "How do I communicate the change effectively and with the lowest risk?"
  • "What skills do the executives and employees of my company need to successfully implement this change?"
  • "What specific measures must be taken by which persons at what point in time for this change program to work properly?"
  • "What do we have to approach differently with a change program in program management compared to a regular project?"
  • "How do I choose the right members for my change team?"
  • "I need a program management office for this change program. Can you help me establish one?"

Change management consulting - What we offer

On the basis of our extensive experience in change management consulting, we accompany you on the entire path - from situation analysis through the development of the measures to the implementation.
We will:
  • ensure that people are accepting of the changes,
  • activate the willingness to change in your employees and managers,
  • ensure that people, as well as the company, is equipped with the necessary skills for change
  • and ultimately generate a lasting commitment to the change.

In order to accomplish this, measures of change management consulting are necessary in four areas, with a different focus area in each phase:
  • Motivation and understanding
  • Role models and culture
  • Skillsets
  • Structures and processes

For larger change management consulting projects, we work together with a program management office, which will coordinate the program and measure the effects of the change. It is also important to us that we offer a responsible core team on the customer side, which provides a sufficient amount of timely resources for the project. This is the best way to apply the change in your company. This is also why we are able to transfer a particularly large amount of specific knowledge and special abilities to your organization.

Change management consulting - What you get out of it

Our change management consulting is different. When our change consultants step in, things change. Our social competence, our ability to "feel out" the group dynamics of an organization, and most of all, the personality of our change consultants leads to people accepting the upcoming changes. We turn affected parties into involved parties. We pick up people right where they are and show them practial ways to engage in something new. But beware! It is not always about "buttering someone up", but also to act as a "court jester" and bring the thus unspoken subjects to the table to make them easy to discuss.

We would be happy to help you in successfully managing your upcoming changes.
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A special kind of change managment consultancy."

Die vier Change Hebel


Verhalten im Change Management

Behavioral changes in people

Behavior changes in people doesn't just happen from one day to the next. Changes in this area takes time - and often, the motto: "You can´t teach an old dog new tricks" applies. Nevertheless - the situation is not hopeless and people are capable of change and are often willing to do so. You are likely to achieve the desired success, if you consider the following four "change levers":
  • Attitude & Motivation
  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Structures & Processes
  • Role Models & Culture
Changes in organizations are successful when employees know why they need to change and agree to it ("attitude & motivation"), the employees have the required skills to behave in different way ("knowledge & skills"), the managers and employees work together to act in the newly adapted way ("role models & culture") and the employees are guided and supported by the suitable processes ("structures & processes").

The iceberg model in the change process

Supporting change

Image change management  - The iceberg model

What topples the iceberg during the change process?


A word of caution to all owners of an iceberg: The visible part of the iceberg only makes up a part of the entire iceberg! There are elements under water that influence the behavior of the iceberg!

Do you want to create change in your organizations, but you have noticed that things that aren´t visible at first glance are spoiling your efforts?  Are you interested in everything below the surface of the water? Immerse yourself and gain a better understanding into ...

...what topples an iceberg.
...what a basic diving course looks like.
...how you can explain the underwater world to a non-diver.
...how to teach your team to dive.
...how to prevent diver's paralysis.
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K&P? Sometimes I really have to deal with the setbacks as a boss and bid my illusions goodbye. This constructive debate has helped me and my organization to move forward!"

The Change Curve

Grieving as a part of change

Change Management Kure in Veränderungsprozessen
When something is no longer what it used to be, people experience a variety of emotions. Often, a feeling of grief arises because the value loss makes us sad.

When change occurs, the brain emits stress hormones. We experience fear. If we do not see a way out of the situation, this fear turns into despair, powerlessness and helplessness. We experience pain, anger and suffering.

These feelings overwhelm us. We do not consciously choose to experience them. It takes time to accept these feelings, understand them and ultimately decide on how to deal with them. It requires internal commitment to perceive these emotions, to process them, to bid them good-bye and dare to seek out a new path.

When it comes to change processes, we must be allowed to mourn value losses in order to be able to re-orient ourselves! Reorientation is usually only possible after conquering the "valley of tears".

Grieving is the support during all of these phases. In each phase, it is important to react properly to the respective emotional state.
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I´ve learned that every change also requires a personal "transformation". This really helped me a lot!"