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Case Study on Sales


Refocusing the distribution department of a musical instrument manufacturer due to increasing digital competition

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Our distributors are very experienced musicians, no one can talk shop better than them, but the focus on sales is not strong enough."



The manufacturer of musical instruments is confronted with a market that is changing rapidly as a result of digitization and must take measures to ensure that his brand will continue to be associated with high quality and attractive design to remain competitive in the future.
The retail distribution strategy has emerged from the love of music. Each sales representative plays at least one instrument at a high level and is able to have passionate discussions with retailers. However, the distributors lack typical sales skills and business management behavior. They see themselves as advisors, sales is not their primary focus.
In addition to providing advice about the instruments, the distributor must also ensure now that the customers' increasing demands for presentation and hands-on displays in their branches are met.
In order to standardize customer care, a sales manual called "The purple book" was developed. Now it is time to convince the sales staff of the change and familiarize them with the use of the purple book.
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The need for change must be understood and accepted."



  • The strategy and criteria of the purple book must be understood by the sales staff.
  • The need for change must be explained and "sold".
  • Compliance with the criteria must be monitored and reported.
  • The skills of employees must be developed in such a way that they are able to think and act more like salespeople.
  • Compliance guidelines must be adhered to.
  • Measures must be coordinated.
  • The process must be rolled out throughout Europe. The criteria must be uniformly met and yet adapted to different cultures.
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Our sales associates need more of a hunting instinct."



A workshop with 20 key sales executives:
In this kickoff workshop, we jointly work out the target states that are most important to managers and define the delta of the current state.

Training sessions:
Conduct training sessions for 140 sales employees throughout Europe. In addition to input and explanation of the purple book, the focus is on new and more active sales competencies, which can be tested during role-play. Resistance and fears in dealing with the purple book are discussed and eliminated.
Best practice meetings and supervision:
Following the training sessions, best practice meetings within the countries are conducted, in order to eliminate difficulties and "staying up to date".

Q &A Sessions:
A Q&A portal is set up via HR. This creates a kind of temporary format, in which the employees can exchange information, as well as ask and answer questions.

Selected training sessions:
During the roll out of the purple book training sessions, it becomes clear which teams need further support. These measures are individually adapted to the respective teams.

Another measure is the coaching of various individuals, from shadowing of individual sales staff to the coaching of sales managers.