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Case Study on Leadership


Culture change in a bank - When managers are true role models - Focusing on the customer

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The alienation of work has reached its unfortunate climax, we are entangled in small-scale discussions about responsibilities, and customers lose out."

Leadership Challenges

Reinventing business

The financial sector is facing a strong change of its framework: Increasing regulations, continuing low interest rates, digitization of business models, etc.

The pressure to adapt is enormous, and the bank is working at a high rate to create the structural conditions for the future.

Regardless of operation or sales, all functional units are under observation, the pressure to justify one's own value is constantly increasing.

Costs are optimized in operations, employees are being eliminated and outsourcing is steadily increasing. Sales targets are raised radically, irrespective of the consequences, while at the same time the
staff coverage is increasingly dwindling.

The bank groans under these changes, everyone focused on themselves and their own misery.
There is no energy and little time for customers.
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What else do we need to do at the same time."

Pressure from All Sides


  • We cannot lose our customers due to the restructuring of the company.
  • In order to achieve this, it is necessary to keep calm, despite increasing pressure and to not allow yourself to become infected by collective overload.
  • Daily leadership means setting a good example by explaining the changes in core messages and repeating them continuously.


  1. What is the goal of this bank?
    Customer focus should lead to customer satisfaction, which leads to the economic success of the bank.

  2. Getting priorities in order
    A: Legitimacy & compliance
    B: Customer benefits & profitability
    C: Personal meaning & work environment

  3. Enabling communication & decision making
    What new goals do we have?
    How do we want to achieve them?
    What's about to change?
    What's going to stay the same?
    How do we share information?
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Leadership executives are given the opportunity to discuss and exchange views in order to make the shared, as well as personal management tasks more tangible."



Workshop to determine the status quo: "Leadership as a role model in cultural change".

PREPARATION Leadership questions:

 Questions for leadership executives depending on level:
  • What are your main day-to-day business responsibilities?
  • What tasks do you imagine will be added due to the change?
  • From your point of view, what is still unclear?
  • What requirements could employees expect from you as a role model?

WORKSHOP with the executives:

  • Creating a common understanding of the results of the questionnaire (actual situation)
  • Transfer exercise:
    What does collaborative customer focus mean? (target)
  • Group work on leadership facets:
    Which role model characteristics could be visible here? (target behavior)
  • Individual work:
    What should remain unchanged in my area, what do we need to change in order to work together more effectively?
  • Personal statements from the leadership executives "My contribution and the first step".
  • Development of common core messages for daily leadership.


  • Understanding the priorities of change
  • Clarity of cooperation (roles & responsibilities) between all areas
  • Individual clarity:
    What changes are happening in my area?
  • Coordinated communication through core messages