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Transition Leadership Program®

In a nutshell

Leadership is changing, no doubt about it. The question is: In which direction and with which goal?

Not least because of agile transformations in companies, this topic is more topical today than ever before. The concerns of many managers, however, that they will no longer be able to actively influence and shape these changes in the future and consequently lose importance, can hinder or even prevent a promising implementation.

In our eyes, however, it is not a question of making leadership superfluous, but rather of changing the attitude and behaviour of all those involved, i.e. employees and managers. The task of executives in a transition phase is to actively accompany this journey of change and to create framework conditions for the successful further development of individuals, teams and thus the entire company.

With our Transition Leadership Program® you deepen your knowledge about leadership, develop your leadership attitude and your actions in a practice-oriented way and combine your findings to your individual leadership model so that you can take the most effective perspective at the right time in complex leadership situations.

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What we offer

Leadership as the design of transitions, as the design of transfers:
In order for leadership to be effective today and in the future at individual, team, departmental or divisional level and thus make a meaningful contribution to companies in the long term, leadership skills are needed to master transitions.

Reasons for transitions can be in this context:
  • Agile transformations of organizations in order to be able to react faster and more flexibly to customer needs, for example.
  • Industry 4.0 in the sense of digitization in production.
  • Increasing networking in cooperation to counter market complexity.
  • Changing demands of employees on (collaborative) work and leadership, e.g. due to different generations or cultures.

In our Transition Leadership Program®, we would like to invite you to (further) develop the necessary leadership competencies that are needed to effectively shape transition phases through your leadership. For this to succeed, you first need a reflected understanding of or about yourself as a leader, as well as an understanding of the changing context in which you lead.                                     

A leader with transition leadership competencies...
  • ...learns, understands and deepens effective existing and new leadership instruments as well as leadership methodologies and reflects one's own attitude.
  • ...develops your own tolerance for ambiguity and your ability to reflect in order to remain able to act and make decisions in demanding and complex situations.
  • ...is able to resolve supposed contradictions between classic leadership approaches and newer approaches and to link content in a meaningful way.
  • ...inspires the environment (employees, teams, colleagues, etc.) to develop the courage to actively deal with and shape change.
  • ...is able to reduce avoidance fears among others as well as to increase performance.
Increasing demands on leadership
It can quickly become overtaxing to take a look at the many roles and approaches that leadership is expected to be able to serve today:
  • Task-oriented, employee-oriented and situational management approaches
  • Transactional management
  • Holistic Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Change manager
  • Agile Leadership or Serveant Leadership
  • Coach & Developer
In addition, people in leadership roles usually not only have to perform leadership work, but are also involved in operational and/or strategic 'day-to-day business' for the majority of their working day. At the same time, however, people are still frequently sent to leadership seminars that convey a proven approach, without taking into account the fact that both the guided and the context in which they are led have changed significantly in recent years.

However, this does not mean that target agreements, feedback or criticism discussions etc. are no longer relevant! With increasing complexity, which makes medium and long-term planning more and more difficult, we can no longer transfer proven methods, approaches and structures one-to-one to today and tomorrow.

Training within the framework of our Transition Leadership Program® creates new experiences that you can further develop in your leadership posture and in your actions. This prepares you for the increasing complexity and the increasingly ambiguous nature of everyday work.

In addition to the methods kit that you receive from us as part of our leadership training, you will also be able to build a bridge between areas of conflict such as
  • Stability vs. change
  • Self-determination vs. heteronomy
  • Freedom and Autonomy vs. Conformity and Connectedness

Through the development of a 'both and the same' attitude, you link topics together in a network-like way and are thus in a position to take the most effective perspective at the right time.

This is not possible through a pure 'school of methods'. Our brain, or neuronal pathways, are not simply permanently switched in the way we need them to be. Sustainable, individual change or development in thinking and acting can only succeed if we do what we do with enthusiasm, i.e. emotionally positively charged.

For this reason, it is of particular importance to us that we give sufficient space within the Transition Leadership Program® to 'test' what we have learned and experienced within a protected framework and to reflect together again and again, so that you succeed in transferring everyday life.

For leadership methodology, instruments and above all reflections to quickly gain depth for you as a 'person in the context of leadership', we offer individual coaching prior to the joint leadership training. In the form of feedback based on a psychologically sound personality inventory, you have the opportunity to gain an 'outside view' of both your individual strengths and potential risks in your (leadership) actions.

The 4 modules at a glance:

Module 1: Individual Coaching

Objective: To reflect one's own (leadership) personality in order to compare one's self-image with that of others on the basis of the personality inventory 'Facet5'.

In the first step of our executive development program you will receive a link to complete the personality inventory 'Facet5'. This procedure builds on the five fundamental building blocks of personality (BIG 5) and reflects these in the context of leadership (Invest: 20 min. completion time (DSGVO-compliant) approx. 14 days before the start of Module 1). The result consists of an approx. 18-page personal report, which we explain to you in an individual coaching session and reflect on together in order to sharpen your perception and awareness of your own actions in the context of leadership.

Content: Individual feedback and coaching

Duration: approx. 20min. Filling time and 60-90 min. individual coaching / feedback.

Module 2: Practice-Transfer-Workshop 

Goal: everyday transfer/transfer of the reflected insights from Module 1 ('Personality in Context Leadership') into individual and joint leadership practice.

In a workshop the day after the individual coaching a common classification of the results from the coaching is made on the basis of practical examples on basis of founded theoretical bases. The insights gained from the Facet5 feedback are reflected in concrete actions and pragmatic recommendations for action are developed.

Content: On the basis of the Facet5 development report in a protected framework, participants reflect together on strengths and risks/fields of development and develop compensation strategies.

Duration: 1 day.

Module 3: Transition Leadership Basic Training 

Goal: To deepen the knowledge of existing leadership approaches as well as to get to know new leadership approaches with exercise sequences and practice transfers in order to locate and successively expand the scope of possibilities of one's own leadership activities.

In module 3, basic leadership approaches and leadership instruments are explained and repeated and we reflect critically on these approaches with regard to the changing leadership work. Furthermore, new leadership theories will be discussed and connections between different approaches will be found and linked. Through a mixture of short theory inputs, practical exercises and reflections on experience, an awareness of complexity, ambiguity and change in the context of leadership is created. Building on this, posture ideas and behavioural strategies will be developed to meet these challenges.

Content: Managerial Grid, situational leadership, agile leadership, leadership and psychological safety, transformational leadership; transactional leadership, SCRUM roles, meaning of complete activities, backgrounds to motivation and self-efficacy; coaching in goal setting; value square in feedback; 5x5 matrix of healthy leadership etc.

Duration: 3 days

Module 4: Transition Leadership Advanced Training 

Goal: The aim of this module is to observe/reflect, (re-)evaluate and readjust one's own posture and one's own behaviour through practical exercises so that the effect of changed (behaviour) patterns on the leadership context is experienced and anchored within a protected framework.

Module 4 focuses on the practical confrontation with challenging situations in leadership work.
Through the practical experience and formation of new patterns of experience in complex leadership situations, one's own, developing leadership attitude is constantly reflected self-critically and critically of others. The (further) development of one's own leadership model within the framework of reflection discussions on one's own leadership attitude, together with certification as a Transition Leadership Master - Level 1®, form the conclusion of the programme.

Content: Lead feedback and criticism discussions with different approaches; manage employee development talks confidently; design effective team meetings; integrate new meeting formats, e.g. from the agile context, sensibly into everyday leadership life; develop and present the leadership model.

Duration: 3 days

Fieldwork reflections, learning units and peer group work complete the program between the individual modules.
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Target group

The Transition Leadership Master - Level 1® training is aimed at young professionals and senior professionals. Potential, young and experienced managers from different contexts and disciplines, that enjoy expanding and developing their own leadership, thinking and action skills are expressly welcome in this programme.
Participants particularly appreciate the heterogeneous group composition, as this demonstrably increases the learning opportunities.

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Course Dates & Info

Training Round 3 in Frankfurt - ausgebucht -
- Module 1: 05.05. - 05.05.2020   60 - 90 minutes
- Module 2: 06.05. - 06.05.2020   1 Day
- Module 3: 02.06. - 04.06.2020   3 Days
- Module 4: 30.06. - 02.07.2020   3 Days

Training Round 4 in Berlin - ausgebucht -
- Module 1: 11.05. - 11.05.2020   60 - 90 minutes
- Module 2: 12.05. - 12.05.2020   1 Day
- Module 3: 09.06. - 11.06.2020   3 Days
- Module 4: 11.08. - 13.08.2020   3 Days

The individual coachings (60-90 min.) of module 1 take place on the basis of a binding appointment. The dates of the coaching sessions are spread over the day and will be allocated after receipt of registration and availability. On this day you are free to use a group room for work including soft drinks and snacks for the interim period, e.g. before or after your coaching.

Lars-O. Böckmann and Katja von Bergen accompany you during this training program.

Costs & Services
7 days of intensive training and individual coaching (approx. 60-90 min.) with two trainers and a maximum of ten participants, books and materials as well as a seminar room incl. refreshments during breaks.

  • Germany & Austria (prices excl. VAT)
    Normal price:  4.990€
    With early bird discount:  4.290€
  • Switzerland (prices excl. VAT)
    Normal price:  6.320,– CHF / 5.389€
    With early bird discount :  5.340,– CHF / 4.633€
Early bird discount applies for bookings made up until 2 months prior to the training.
Cancellations are possible free of charge up to 2 weeks before the start of the training. Thereafter we will charge the entire participation fee.

All our trainings and seminars can also be booked as in-house training.