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Scaled Agile Awareness Workshop

In a nutshell

VUCA and disruptive technologies on the one hand and a lack of adaptability and customer orientation on the other. These essential topics and their solutions are the driving force that has been driving German companies for years. Agile organisational forms represent a solution for companies in the New Economy and also for some companies in the Old Economy to deal more successfully with the changed framework conditions.

  • Can these role models simply be copied or can their learnings be made usable in one's own company with appropriate adaptation?
  • Are there organisational templates for an agile company and what can I expect when I use them?
  • What do I have to pay attention to during such a transformation?
Time to get an overview!

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What we offer

We start the day with an overview of established frameworks and success stories of companies that have successfully implemented agile transformation. After these keynote speeches, there will be room for joint reflection.
In the afternoon we will observe the transition into an agile organization. Based on the experiences of companies, we present particularly challenging elements of this transition and reflect on approaches to solutions. We want to round off the topic with the corresponding change architectures.

In this workshop we answer the following central questions:
  • What are structural and cultural characteristics of agile scaled organizations?
  • Which frameworks and models exist and which principles are applied?
  • What are the experiences and approaches of scaled agilisation without a framework?
Finally, we look at the transition from your current organization to an agile one and show you that change management and agile transformation are "pretty much best friends".
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What you get out of it

  • You benefit from 30 years of exclusive experience for change processes in large organizations.
  • You receive a holistic approach that integrates attitudes, structures and competencies.
  • You will get to know "successful companies" and their successful agilisation and understand what these companies have changed and which adaptable, common success factors there are.
  • You will learn how to develop culture (mindset, behaviour) and structure (frameworks, methods, processes) simultaneously in order to exploit the full potential of your transformation.
  • You will recognize how the demands on leadership in agile companies change and how an existing culture can be transformed into an agile culture.
  • You will get an overview of which change management tools you can use to react to the obstacles and challenges of a scaled, agile transformation.


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Target group

Executives, managers and agile change consultants in a leading role who are concerned with the continuation of an initiated agile transformation, who decide on it, or who should shape it.

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Course Dates & Info

Seminar Duration

  • One day workshop from 09:00 to 17:00.
750€ per person plus VAT.

Cancellations are free of charge until 2 weeks before the beginning of the workshop. After that we will charge the entire participation fee.