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Agile Awareness - Start your Agile Journey!

In a nutshell

Everyone talks about becoming agile ... but: What does that actually mean, what do we understand by it and what would we gain from it?

This workshop is about raising awareness for the advantages and disadvantages and to assess in which areas your company is already agile and where you want to become more agile. Perhaps you are already discussing the introduction of agile structures with a lot of half-knowledge and would now like to get clarity.

In this one-day awareness training the participants go through a learning process that enables them to assess what agile principles and working methods are, where they make sense and where they do not.

We reflect on what it means to work agile in everyday life in order to achieve the following business results through agile principles in the future:

  • Commitment: 10-50% happier, more motivated employees
  • Productivity: 20-50% increase in productivity
  • Time to Market: 30-75% faster time to market
  • Quality: 25-75% defect reduction

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What we offer

One-day Agile Awareness Workshop | Rough Schedule
  • Agility - What the hell is agility? 
    Collection of all prejudices and misunderstandings
  • Why is this such a hype now? Or why does it make sense? 
    Taylor tub and development out of history.
  • Agile Principles (Manifesto and Principles) 
  • Experience iteration and agile planning 
    Airman Game
  • Agile Dimensions 
  • Agile check-up 
    Interactively locate and reflect on your own areas in terms of agility
  • Scrum 
    Origin and Principle of Methodology in a nutshell
  • Scalability of agile approaches 
    SAFe Framework in a nutshell
  • Biggest advantages of the Lean Agile approach and business relevance 
    Development and Input
  • Reflection 
    What does this mean for me and my department?
  • Next Steps 
    What do I plan for tomorrow - do I plan for the future?
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What you get out of it

  • After this workshop, the buzzwords you might have been argueing about will be clarified.
  • Roles and responsibilities are understood.
  • The question "Can this also work for us?" is reflected and possibly answered.
  • In the workshop, a common understanding on the topic of agility will be established with the participants.
  • Cooperation and interaction will be experienced in an interactive form.

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Target group

This offer is aimed at everyone who wants to get an overview of what agile methods are and what it means to introduce agile structures and principles.

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Course Dates & Info

  • Germany and Austria
    350€ p.P. plus VAT.
  • Switzerland
    430CHF / 378€ p.P. incl. VAT
Cancellations are free of charge 2 weeks ahead of the workshop. After that we will charge the entire participation fee.

Please note: If you participate in our Agile Awarness Workshop, you can have the entire participation fee for our Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant Training® credited to your account!

Please indicate the place of participation when booking!