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Seminar - Agile Awareness - Start your Agile Journey!

Agile Awareness - Start your Agile Journey!

Everyone talks about becoming agile ... but: What does that actually mean, what do we understand by it and what would we gain from it?

This workshop is about raising awareness for the advantages and disadvantages and to assess in which areas your company is already agile and where you want to become more agile. Perhaps you are already discussing the introduction of agile structures with a lot of half-knowledge and would now like to get clarity.

In this one-day awareness training the participants go through a learning process that enables them to assess what agile principles and working methods are, where they make sense and where they do not.

We reflect on what it means to work agile in everyday life in order to achieve the following business results through agile principles in the future:

  • Commitment: 10-50% happier, more motivated employees
  • Productivity: 20-50% increase in productivity
  • Time to Market: 30-75% faster time to market
  • Quality: 25-75% defect reduction

Seminar - Scaled Agile Awareness Workshop

Scaled Agile Awareness Workshop

VUCA and disruptive technologies on the one hand and a lack of adaptability and customer orientation on the other. These essential topics and their solutions are the driving force that has been driving German companies for years. Agile organisational forms represent a solution for companies in the New Economy and also for some companies in the Old Economy to deal more successfully with the changed framework conditions.

  • Can these role models simply be copied or can their learnings be made usable in one's own company with appropriate adaptation?
  • Are there organisational templates for an agile company and what can I expect when I use them?
  • What do I have to pay attention to during such a transformation?
Time to get an overview!

Seminar - Agile Attitude Development Day®

Agile Attitude Development Day®

Which employees should we train to become agile coaches? Many companies are uncertain about this question, because an agile coach needs - in addition to the necessary methodological know-how - an attitude geared to agile work.

Many companies have gained this experience in the meantime: For the agile transformation of an organization, it is not enough to introduce agile methods and change structures. Rather, an agile mindset is also necessary for employees and, in particular, for managers, so that a culture in the company is set in motion and the strategy is filled with life. But this mindset cannot be prescribed and introduced by decree. It arises in a development process in which employees and managers usually need active support - for example through agile coaches in the organization.

With the Agile Attitude Development Day® we locate the individual starting point on the agile journey of each participant and reflect together with you which steps are necessary for your development.

Seminar - Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant®

Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant®

Let's not kid ourselves - Agile working requires the biggest paradigm shift ever!
In order to be well positioned in our complex world and to ensure the business success of the company, the introduction of agile methods and organizational forms can help. But easier said than done. How does this work and who does it?

There has to be someone in the company who understands agile practices and principles, knows them and passionately supports teams and organisations in applying and adopting them themselves.


  • understands and knows agile practices and principles and supports teams with passion to learn and apply them.
  • recognises organisational blockages and obstacles and coaches management and other stakeholders in agilising the company.
  • is able to mediatively, moderately, coaching and methodically accompany teams in their development into high-performance teams.
  • can convince and inspire managers and board members of the advantages of agile methods and processes
Thus, the agile coach finds himself in the following demanding roles.
  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Trainer
  • Change manager
... and plays an executive role mostly as well.
So far, there are only a few agile coaches who have enough experience or the right competencies to meet all these demands.

Seminar - Transition Leadership Program

Transition Leadership Program

Leadership is changing, no doubt about it. The question is: In which direction and with which goal?

Not least because of agile transformations in companies, this topic is more topical today than ever before. The concerns of many managers, however, that they will no longer be able to actively influence and shape these changes in the future and consequently lose importance, can hinder or even prevent a promising implementation.

In our eyes, however, it is not a question of making leadership superfluous, but rather of changing the attitude and behaviour of all those involved, i.e. employees and managers. The task of executives in a transition phase is to actively accompany this journey of change and to create framework conditions for the successful further development of individuals, teams and thus the entire company.

With our Transition Leadership Program® you deepen your knowledge about leadership, develop your leadership attitude and your actions in a practice-oriented way and combine your findings to your individual leadership model so that you can take the most effective perspective at the right time in complex leadership situations.

Seminar - Leading SAFe®

Leading SAFe®

You need a control system for the collaboration of several agile teams? Do you use agility only for specific topics and selectively, but not yet company-wide?
With increasing agilisation and conversion from a project to a product organisation, more and more agile teams are working together within an overall project. Agile teams therefore scale within the company and the individual teams must be coordinated with each other. The control effort increases and the simple agile frameworks no longer meet the increasingly complex requirements. Very few companies have completely implemented a company-wide scaling of their agile teams.

That's exactly where Scaled Agile, Inc. (USA) with its Scaled Agile Framework SAFe® offers the most mature framework for scaled agility to date.

Seminar - agile project management

agile project management

Arbeiten im agilen Team stellt nicht nur den Scrum Master und Product Owner vor neue Herausforderungen. Das mitgebrachte Mindset und eingeübte Verhalten werden auf die Probe gestellt und Paradigmen müssen aufgebrochen werden. 

Der Grundstein dafür legt dies Seminar. Neben dem Einüben der Methodik, reflektieren wir über die Herausforderungen und die Besonderheiten im Vergleich zum klassischen Projektmanagement. 


Agiles Projektmanagement kann mehr als Scrum bedeuten. Wir reflektieren mit Ihnen andere agile Methoden und übertragen diese mit Ihnen gemeinsam auch auf Nicht-IT bezogene Teams und
Organisationen. Erleben Sie, was es bedeutet und wie es sich anfühlt ein Projekt agil durchzuführen. Optional bereiten wir Sie auf dieScrum Master und Product Owner Prüfung vor.

Seminar - Change Kompetenz für Führungskräfte

Change Kompetenz für Führungskräfte

Veränderungen begegnen uns jeden Tag. Umso wichtiger wird die Veränderungskompetenz von Führungskräften in organisationalen Veränderungsprozessen. Das in Frage stellen des Alten und das Entdecken des Neuen stehen hier im Vordergrund.
Wir haben ein Basis-Training entwickelt, das die Grundlagen von Veränderungskompetenz auf den Punkt bringt. Durch die Erlebnisse eines Kapitäns und seiner Mannschaft auf ihrer Reise wird vermittelt, worauf es in Zeiten der Veränderung, des Aufbruchs oder der Gefahr ankommt. Dabei geht es nicht nur um neue Methoden, sondern um die Entwicklung von Veränderungsintelligenz ganz allgemein

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Overview of our X labs

Developing new solution approaches together

X-Lab Change Safari im Raum Stuttgart

X-Lab Change Safari im Raum Stuttgart


Das X-Lab Change Safari ist eine eintägige Entdeckungsreise im Workshopformat. Sie lernen die Faszination und die Gefahren der Wildnis Change kennen und bekommen viele praktische Überlebenstipps. Das X-Lab richtet sich an Führungskräfte, Projektleiter, interne Change Experten, Organisationsentwickler, Change Berater, an alle, die sich leidenschaftlich für das Thema Change interessieren.

Do you have any questions about our X-labs? Contact us without obligation!
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Das X-Lab ist ein tolles Format. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und wurde darüber hinaus inspiriert. Verblüffend, was man in ein paar Stunden alles lernen kann! Und es hat auch noch Spaß gemacht. "

Jörn Bicker, Leitung Operations, IKB Leasing GmbH.

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Overview of our work circles and expert talks

Developing new solution approaches together

Change Dialog - Digitalisierung in der Realität - Nürnberg

Change Dialog - Digitalisierung in der Realität - Nürnberg

Das Thema Digitalisierung gehört zur Tagesordnung eines jeden Unternehmens und macht sie dabei zu Treibenden und Getriebenen gleichermaßen. Dabei gilt ein Digitalisierungsgrad von 100% als Maß aller Dinge. Die Auswahl an Angeboten externer Dienstleister ist enorm und interne Kapazitäten für die digitale Transformationen sind meist nur in gewissem Maße vorhanden. Am 26.03.2019 tauchen wir mit Ihnen in Nürnberg auf den Grund Ihrer Digitalisierungsprojekte!

Change Dialog - Digitalisierung in der Realität - Stuttgart

Change Dialog - Digitalisierung in der Realität - Stuttgart

Das Thema Digitalisierung gehört zur Tagesordnung eines jeden Unternehmens und macht sie dabei zu Treibenden und Getriebenen gleichermaßen. Dabei gilt ein Digitalisierungsgrad von 100% als Maß aller Dinge. Die Auswahl an Angeboten externer Dienstleister ist enorm und interne Kapazitäten für die digitale Transformationen sind meist nur in gewissem Maße vorhanden. Am 27.03.2019 tauchen wir mit Ihnen in Stuttgart auf den Grund Ihrer Digitalisierungsprojekte!

Participant comments

Das Arbeitskreistreffen hat mir zum Thema kollegiale Supervision wirklich die Augen geöffnet!